Front End Web Developer Jobs

Web Developers bring a highly relevant technical skill to businesses small, medium and large and across a range of high growth sectors such as Fintech.  In Front End Web Developer Jobs, you will build and maintain websites, apps and modern applications for business ends.

Front end developers working for agencies get exposure to a diverse range of web sites and applications each with differing client needs.  

Required experience for front end web developers 

You will particularly be concerned with making sure that the technical side of the website functions correctly. You will develop the website according to the specific requirements of a client, including layout features and functions.

Often the role involves installing and configuring eCommerce and CMS systems and bringing the design team's designs to life.

You'll be innovative and self-starting by nature with at least one good year's commercial experience coupled with language know-how (Hava, C++ or XML/XSL in an e-commerce environment) and scripting skills (JavaScript, VBScript etc.). 

You'll also have a good grasp of database and webserver technologies and previous experience or a willingness to learn about middleware, legacy integration and distributed systems.  

Most importantly, you'll be looking for the chance to join a team where you can make a mark - with no constraints - harnessing the latest technologies to build browser, WAP and applications. 

You should have a sound knowledge and a desire to keep up to date with the rapidly evolving world of modern web standards.  Candidates who are able to push into the challenges and complexities of the mobile web and beyond are most desirable to companies looking to add a competitive edge.

Whether you're looking at a front-end or back-end position, you'd want to carefully review the tech stack that the job posting describes as it determines your suitability for new positions.

Skills and qualities required for front end web development

To become a Front End Web Developer, you'll need:

  • a strong interest in information technology, particularly online technology and latest developments
  • good design skills
  • to be creative and enthusiastic
  • to be able to use specialist computer applications, tools and languages
  • to be able to plan, prioritise and organise your work to meet deadlines, often under pressure
  • to think about new ways to use multimedia technologies such as graphics, digital video, animations and sound
  • Employers usually ask for evidence of technical ability with specific web design software.
  • You might also need good presentation skills to help you to show you finished website to your clients.

Web developers need both the tech skills to accomplish their tasks and the soft skills to work with clients and internal stakeholders.  Some soft and hard skills for a web developer might include

  • Coding languages
  • Troubleshooting and testing skills
  • Operating systems
  • Database software
  • UX and UI design
  • Project management
  • Web frameworks
  • API design
  • Teamwork

Expected salary

The pay rates given below are approximately.

  • Starting: £23,500 - £26,000
  • With experience: £28,000 - £33,000
  • Senior Web Developers earn £36,000 - £40,000


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