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Database administrator jobs are responsible for the planning, implementation, configuration and administration of related database management systems.  Database administrator jobs need to be proficient with one or more popular database software packages such as Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server, and are normally familiar with one or more database query languages.  Such languages may include SQL and MySQL.  Database administrator jobs usually require certifications such as Certified Oracle Database Administrator.

Database Administrator jobs generally include recoverability, activities include making database backups and storing them in ways that minimize the risk that they will be damaged or lost. Availability, means that authorised users can access and change data as needed to support the business. Integrity means that the database, or the programs that create its content, embody means of preventing users who provide data from breaking the system's business rules.  Security means that users' ability to access and change data conforms to the policies of the business and the delegation decisions of its managers. Performance means that the database does not cause unreasonable online response times. Performance is a major motivation for the Database Administartor to become a generalist. Finally Development and testing support i.e. helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database. Although not strictly part of a Database administrator jobs duty, logical and physical design of a database is sometimes part of the job.  

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