Plant Operator Jobs

Plant operator jobs will use heavy machinery on construction sites, at roadworks, in quarries and in mechanical workshops. Plant operator jobs will not only operate and maintain earth-moving and construction equipment, but drive it as well.  Plant operator jobs working on construction sites can move hundreds of tons of earth in a day or shift some extremely heavy loads. In addition to the proper working of the equipment, a plant operator jobs may also be responsible for the safety of those working around them.

The machinery plant operator jobs will use on construction sites includes excavators, bulldozers and dumper trucks for digging and moving soil and rock. Plant operator jobs may use static tower cranes for lifting building materials or mobile cranes which travel on roads to the site where they are required.

Plant operator jobs may also use cranes on rails, working in factories and shipyards, and lorry-mounted loaders.

Plant operator jobs can expect a salary of £15,000 to £40,000 a year depending on experience.

Although the average working week for plant operator jobs is 37 hours, work on building sites can be seasonal.  The work of plant operator jobs is mainly carried out in a driver's cab, sometimes at heights. Conditions can be hot, dusty, noisy or muddy. A full driving licence is often essential for plant operator jobs.

Plant operator jobs should have a practical aptitude for machinery, have stamina, agility and be able to work at heights, have a steady hand and good eyesight.

Plant operator jobs include crane-hire companies, large construction companies, steel manufacturing and vehicle assembly companies.

CITB-ConstructionSkills provides plant operator training which must be done through an employer. Training is mainly provided on the job with day or block release at local colleges or training providers leading to NVQ/SVQ qualifications. Plant Operator jobs in the construction industry will also have to register for the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS).

Job Listings

  1. CNC Turner

    Location: Glasgow

    Salary: £13.00 p/h

    Category: Skilled Operator

    Staffinders are looking or a CNC Turner on a temporary contract - length to be determined. 
    Our client is an established  manufacturer with a small machine shop, manufacturing parts for pressure safety & reducing valves on various manual lathes.
    We are looking for a skilled manual machinist/turner with experience machining parts ...