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This line of work is all about helping landowners, farmers and local councils to manage and maintain their areas of land.

This isn’t your typical kind of managerial role. You’re not going to be conducting performance reviews of paddocks, making sure fields are hitting their targets or taking a cluster of trees out for after-work drinks.

It’s more likely that you will be acting as a land management consultant to various clients. You’ll be offering guidance and devising schemes to help farmers get the most out of their land.

Alternatively, you might be working alongside organisations, such as the National Trust to help improve areas that are designated for public land use. You’ll be using your expert knowledge of the environment and sustainability issues to help preserve the wildlife in national parks and conservation areas, whilst making them accessible for all kinds of people.

Duties in Land Planning Management

  • Identify land for future homebuilding activities in tandem using overall strategic Regional and Divisional plans of objectives along with market trends.
  • Supervise and update information on “for sale” land.
  • Participate in approval “pipeline parcels” and identify opportunities from current developments in allocated target areas.
  • Develop and manage relations with different members of development community helpful in providing leads and new tracts of ground.
  • Head responsibility to secure STO interest along with onshore assets value.
  • Monitor Onshore Land Department contractors and employees.
  • Head independent professional handling complicated land assignments.
  • Handle inquiries from land and mineral owners.
  • Attain company goals and objectives by interact with other departments in team environment.
  • Head team on projects needed detailed knowledge of land operations.
  • Teach and mentor junior level land staff members.
  • Revise Joint Operating Agreements and Farmout analyzing title opinions.
  • Determine title curative needs in related countries.
  • Head responsibility for state research and county records.
  • Provide resources associated with field examination to prepare for approving exploration.

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