Electrical Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineering careers are essential towards the design, production and maintenance of electrical power systems and machinery across the world. Key responsibilities of an electrical engineer can vary depending on a specific industry and it is the Electrical Engineers task to communicate with their customers to discuss project requirements.

You will take on the responsibility of conducting regular checks and tests, to ensure all equipment is working to a high quality and meets industry standards. It is important to be a key team player as an Engineer and have strong communication skills, as you will be required to work alongside many professionals from different industries such as architects, technicians, and marketing personnel. Exceptional attention detail is preferred to ensure you can understand technical drawings and interpret data to a high standard.

How do I qualify for a role in Electrical Engineering?

A degree within the Engineering field is preferred to be considered for an Electrical Engineering career, although you may also get into the sector with an HND or Apprenticeship qualification. You will ideally have up to date knowledge of the industry as well as an analytical approach to work. Efficient organisational skills and leadership qualities is also advantageous to progress as an Electrical Engineer.

Duties and responsibilities for Electrical Engineers

The checklist of job duties can include:

  • Field investigation
  • Design, production of contract documents
  • Specification writing and construction administration services
  • Use CAD packages
For more senior roles, or where working as part of a team, project management responsibilities may also be expected.

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