Electrical Engineer Jobs

Electrical Engineer Jobs are responsible for designing and implementing power distribution systems. Electrical engineers will constantly be reviewing new trends and technologies to design the most innovative and functional power systems, working on both construction and renovation projects.

Employers will be looking for electrical engineers with consulting experience in the design of electrical systems including new services, distribution, grounding, lighting and fire detection systems.

Electrical engineer jobs can be employed on a contract basis or permanently as part of an engineering company. Many companies also employ their own on-site electrical engineer jobs where duties tend to revolve more around troubleshooting and maintenance of power distribution systems. Electrical engineer jobs can be working with power systems dealing with anything from 13.8kV down to 480V, including substations, raceways, switchgear, and motor controls. Some work also includes fire alarms, lighting, and routing of telecom and computer cabling.

Duties and responsibilities for Electrical Engineers

The checklist of job duties can include:

  • Field investigation
  • Design, production of contract documents
  • Specification writing and construction administration services
  • Use CAD packages
For more senior roles, or where working as part of a team, project management responsibilities may also be expected.

Job Listings

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