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Transport planner jobs make sure there is a safe, economical, reliable and environmentally friendly transport system within a defined area. Transport planner jobs work involves preparing strategic transport plans for local authorities, studying road accidents and developing policies and schemes to reduce them. Transport planner jobs will design and implement congestion charging, parking control schemes, traffic management and traffic calming schemes. Transport planner jobs also decide on pedestrian priority schemes and cycle routes.

On a larger scale, transport planner jobs prepare transport impact studies for airports, design car parks, road junctions or one-way traffic systems and manage projects and contracts. Transport planner jobs use simulation models to manage travel demand and change travel behaviour in line with government guidelines, such as the reduction of car use.

Working hours for transport planner jobs are usually 9am to 5pm and transport planner jobs are normally office based, combined with site visits to look at the possibilities for individual proposals. Self employment and part-time work is possible for transport planner jobs.

Transport planner jobs should have an understanding of the movement of people and goods from place to place, have practical skills to be able to assess plans and proposals. Transport planner jobs will be able to oversee the implementation of agreed plans, be confident in dealing with clients, councillors or local groups and have good problem-solving skills.

There is a serious skills shortage for transport planners at the moment. Transport planner jobs are available throughout the UK and transport planner jobs are typically employed by central, city and local government authorities.  Transport planner jobs often work for firms of professional consulting engineers and planners. They are also used by bus and train operating companies, freight companies, universities, research establishments and large companies with transport problems.

Many of the larger consultancies and some local authorities offer graduate training schemes for transport planner jobs, typically lasting two years.

Promotion for transport planner jobs is likely to involve taking on increased responsibilities, starting with larger scale projects and then staff management. Movement between the public and private sectors does occur for many transport planner jobs.

Salaries for transport planner jobs range from around £25,000 to £75,000 a year.

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