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Computer games technical support jobs are responsible for sorting out technical problems and glitches for games developers. The computer games industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital content field. As the sector is relatively young and still evolving, many companies work across the different areas, and people with the same job title may have very different jobs.

Computer games technical support jobs use a variety of packages on the computer, including the main office suites and web-writing software. Computer games technical support jobs may be responsible for the management of bugs (bug tracking) and for the effective storing of games assets, particularly digital artwork. 

There are over 10,000 people employed in the computer games industry in the UK. Opportunities are usually with games publishers and games development studios, although vacancies can be found in other multimedia companies, including broadcast, production and software companies. Competition for computer games technical support jobs is fierce and there are currently more applicants than vacancies. 

There are no formal entry qualifications required in order to apply for computer games technical support jobs, although employers normally expect applicants to have a degree, which may be supported by vocational skills and relevant work experience, for example in programming, developing or testing. There are no age restrictions for entry in order to become a computer games technical support person.

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