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Plasterer jobs carry out two main types of plastering, solid plastering, which involves a plasterer applying wet plaster to walls and ceilings to form a flat, smooth surface, ready for decoration or plasterer jobs can carry out fibrous plastering, which is a specialist job involving making or repairing decorative plaster mouldings, such as cornices or ceiling roses.

Plasterer jobs involve working in new buildings and in existing buildings undergoing refurbishment.  Plasterer jobs may also gain some work in the ‘heritage' sector, conserving and restoring historic buildings. Plasterer jobs can occasionally work outdoors, applying render to outside walls.

Plasterer jobs will normally include working 39 hours, Monday to Friday, but a plasterer can often work overtime. A  Solid plasterer will mainly work indoors. Conditions for  plasterer jobs on building sites can be cold and draughty. Fibrous plasterer jobs are usually based in workshops.

Plasterer jobs involve work that requires a lot of standing, bending, kneeling and climbing.  Plasterer jobs may include travel from site to site, and a plasterer may also work away from home for short or long periods.

Plasterer jobs may allow earning of between £16,000 and £25,000 a year.

Plasterer jobs require fitness and strength, to be able to work quickly but carefully, have good hand-to-eye co-ordination for fibrous plastering and other decorative work a plasterer will need to have artisitc qualities.

There are more than 39,000 plasterer jobs in the UK. The main employers for plasterer jobs are specialist plaster jobs contractors and general building contractors. The number of plasterer jobs is expected to decline in future and some are moving into dry lining, a related trade where plasterboard is attached to walls and ceilings.

It is possible to train as a plasterer at any age over 16.
Plasterer jobs training usually involves a combination of on-the-job experience and attendance at a college or a training centre. There are plasterer apprenticeship schemes available, and it is possible to do NVQs/SVQs in plastering.

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