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As the economic recovery gathers momentum, the construction sector is reaping the benefits and construction workers with management experience are in demand. With the onset of new jobs, Construction Managers who can focus specifically on successful completion of construction projects are being snapped up all over the land.  

As a Construction Manager, you'll make sure that projects are completed within the agreed budget and timeframe, ensuring construction safety protocols are followed. Roles in Construction Site Management are available across various project areas, such as residential, infrastructure or industrial based projects.

What does the manager do on construction sites?

Managing construction sites will present different challenges depending on the project’s context but, in the main, the job will include the following duties;

  • Develop construction plans, detailing the equipment and materials required.
  • Manage the site daily by monitoring staff, ensuring quality standards and managing materials.
  • Create targets for the project to ensure it’s completed on time.
  • Stay in contact with senior managers and clients, providing regular updates on progress.
  • Make sure that health and safety protocol is implemented and followed throughout the construction site.

Emerging skillsets 

Construction Manager positions require excellent communication, leadership and planning skills. Also, construction managers must have an excellent eye for detail to ensure quality is upheld and health and safety protocols are followed. Successful construction managers will be able to use complex IT packages and project management software to manage the project and its finances effectively. On average, construction managers will work 40 hours per week, with salaries ranging from £32,000 to £44,000.

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