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Bricklayer jobs build the interior and exterior walls of buildings.  Bricklayer jobs also repair existing walls and refurbish old buildings.  Building a wall is a skilled job and  bricklayer jobs involves cutting bricks using hammers, chisels or portable power tools, laying the bricks in courses (horizontal layers), spreading mortar with trowels and checking that the wall is straight and level using lines and spirit levels.

In a typical day, bricklayer jobs may lay several hundred bricks.  All bricklayer needs to follow detailed plans and drawings showing how a building is to be constructed.

The usual working week for bricklayer jobs is 39 hours, Monday to Friday.  Bricklayer jobs include working overtime at weekends or in the evening is common.  Self-employed bricklayers often work longer hours.

Bricklayer jobs usually include working on building sites, in all weathers, as well as in noisy, dusty, dirty or wet areas.  A lot of bricklayers building work takes place at high levels.

Bricklayer jobs include wearing safety helmets and boots, and may wear gloves, goggles or ear defenders.

Bricklayer jobs may have an earning between £16,000 and £25,000 a year.

Bricklayer jobs require the need to be fit, healthy and have a head for heights, practical ability, especially hand skills, with methodical, accurate planning skills are all required.

Bricklayer jobs may work for building firms, local authorities, contractors abroad or private householders.  There are 145,500 bricklayers in the UK, and bricklayer jobs have increased in recent years.

Apprenticeships for bricklayer jobs are the usual route in.  It is possible to train as a bricklayer at any age over 16.

Some bricklayer jobs progress to technician level and then to construction management.  Many site managers at large building sites are qualified and experienced bricklayers.

There are opportunities to specialise in areas such as restoration and conservation.  Many bricklayer jobs are self-employed.

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