Make yourself stand out from the crowd

Competition for jobs recently has dramatically increased with certain industries having 52 applicants per job.

Download templates 

Download our covering letter template and CV template to create an eye catching CV with all the right details included. Use the checklist once you have your completed document to omit errors.  

  • Spell check your document
  • Have you tailored it to the position you are applying for?
  • Spell check again!
  • Ask a friend to read your documents for a final opinion

Curriculum vitae - download template

Cover letter - download template

Applying for jobs

Keep copies of all vacancies you apply.  This puts you in a powerful position to answer any questions you are faced with and can make a difference to reaching interview stage. 

Job interview tips

  • Research the company on their website.  This will reinforce to the company you want to work for them and don't want just any job.
  • Arrive on time, dressed smartly and know who you are meeting.  This gives a professional first impression.
  • Sell yourself to the interviewer with your skills, experience and desire to work for their company.

Download Interview Tips

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