Propulsion Engineer Jobs

Propulsion Engineer jobs fall under the category of Aerospace Engineering and the market is currently buoyant offering aerospace jobs to a sample of engineering talent.

Propulsion Engineers design, construct and test spacecraft and aircraft. Their main responsibility is to enhance the performance and reliability of jet engines, rocket motors and compressors as well as designing propulsion and propellant systems. They also analyse such systems and recommend improvements in testing equipment and techniques.

Propulsion Engineers are also present during the integration of systems and parts into vehicles such as rockets and airplanes. They may also perform research to assess the adaptability of materials and equipment to aircraft design and manufacture.

How can you become a Propulsion Engineer?

Given the highly specialised nature of their role, Propulsion Engineers must possess a Bachelors of Science Engineering degree, typically in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering with many employers requiring a Masters Degree.

Propulsion Engineers should have excellent analytical skills, being able to utilise logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, approaches to problems and conclusions. As well as excelling in mathematics, physics and operations analysis, Propulsion Engineers should have mechanical aptitude and excellent interpersonal skills.

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