Graham English

Our Marketing Manager

Graham English data analytics manager

Graham’s role

Graham's proven analytics ability ensures he can deliver genuine customer insights and marketing plans that can be put to immediate use. His understanding of traditional, digital marketing and recruitment matters and his associated expertise, gives a very wide marketing toolkit to advise on all aspects that a client needs to consider, from original brief to recruitment advertising.

Graham prides himself on staying well informed on market trends and always thinking about business by understanding how customers react.

Whilst Graham engages specialist stakeholders from other firms, and the recruitment consultants here at Stafffinders to deliver sales and marketing campaigns respectively to our clients and candidates, he has the practical experience of what the recruiters/hiring managers do to make sure that everything is carefully co-ordinated. 

What Graham does outside of work

Outside of work, Graham enjoys playing a range of sports and has developed a healthy obsession for golf and tennis. An active networker, he loves getting out of the office to meet like-minded business owners.

A lifelong sports fan, Graham enjoys playing his part in his local tennis team and can often be found practising golf over the great Ayrshire golfing links.  

From his home base, Graham has overseen production of numerous websites and gains huge satisfaction from implementing practical marketing plans for multi-sector SMEs that can be put to immediate effect.