Graeme Reid

Our Hospitality Divisional Manager

Graeme Reid – Our Hospitality Divisional Manager

Graeme’s role

With almost 15 years of experience gained within hospitality operations, Graeme has acquired an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and he knows exactly how to cater to them. Previous to joining Stafffinders, Graeme held a variety of management roles in the hotel and restaurant sector. Since joining Stafffinders in 2013, Graeme has been ensuring a provision of high calibre candidates to our valued clients.

In 2013, Graeme joined our team as a trainee consultant, as he wanted to remain in the hospitality industry but experience the work-life balance that he had heard everybody out-with hospitality operations, always talk about! Through the continual encouragement by management, various job promotions and industry qualifications, Graeme is now successfully managing our exceptional hospitality team.

What Graeme does outside of work

Outside the office, Graeme says he spends his free time running, jumping, hiding and climbing…

Graeme’s motto

“I’m not always this sarcastic. Sometimes I’m asleep...”